Tuesday, July 10

Let's talk about Laura.

I feel a bit of a bastard buying one of Elycia's Friday Favourites right under everybody's nose, but in my defence: I am a rampant fan of the series who, until now, owned not a single Twin Peaks themed item. Yeah, I still feel a bit of a bitch, but this little brooch is worth this potential netiquette breach. Is it a breach? Or are favourites posted fair game? What do you reckon?
I couldn't help myself, I also got a log lady brooch from the same Berlin based seller. Nadine, Lucy Moran, Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper are still in store though.

The brooches are hand-painted shrinky dinks. One of these days I am going to have a go with one of those fun pieces of plastic myself. Last time my Mom put one of these in the oven for me I was yay high, so I am pretty sure my skills must have improved in the meantime ;)

In case you're not familiar with the quiet little mountain town of Twin Peaks, check out related posts here, here, here and here or have a look at the character this brooch so aptly depicts here.

If you'll excuse me, guess what's on now? Previously on Twin Peaks..
She's dead. Wrapped in Plastic..

hat: present when I was little
sweater cape: market stall 
cardi: asda 
earrings: originally hairclips
blouse: peacocks years ago
brooch: etsy (danadamki)
skirt: etsy (Eclectasie)
flats: primark


  1. Honestly, I don't think anything posted in a Favorite's post is off limits! If there is something I reeeeally love and plan on buying, I won't post it on my blog until it is in my hand! :)  Plus it helps give business to the small businesses we love! I think its great! Also, I love your pose in the last photo!

  2. Love the blues & greens - you look like a human gradient!

  3. Lauren WidelitzJuly 14, 2012

    I love all your Twin Peaks jewels! I'm totally obsessed with my show- even named my kitty Special Agent Dale Cooper. I think I need to get the COOP! Pin :)