Friday, July 13

Je ne parle pas français

Halters are a bit of a battle ground for me. I absolutely adore them, but I really don't have the boobs to pull most of'em off. While this would definitely look better on a curvier girl, I am pleased as punch it actually fits me.  After all, how could I have resisted this print?!

We are now the proud owners of a freezer, a dryer and microwave. All appliances there was no space for in our shoebox home. I guess it's not the little things in life but the big, bulky things ;)

Last Sunday was pretty rainy, so we didn't have much luck with the local car boot sales, but we'll be back this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be on our side this time around ;)

Have a most awesome weekend!

hat: h&m
bangles: etsy, market stalls and presents
dress: Bernie Dexter via modcloth
pistachio tights: eBay
clogs: moheda I think, via lotta from stockholm


  1. The dress is gorgeous and fits you so well.  Congrats on your microwave ;)

  2. this is a perfect summer dress. and yay for appliances! i live in a master bedroom with my own entrance, so i don't have a real kitchen at all.

  3. oh la la, this is such a beautiful dress!

  4. The dress is a beautiful fit.