Monday, July 2

In that vein

It's been one active weekend and we're carrying on in that vein :) That leaves little time for blogging, but I'll be sure to catch you up on what's happening soon :)
Meanwhile, here's another outfit.

hat: glasto
necklace: hand-made present 
brooch: etsy
denim jacket: eBay
blouse & skirt (dyed): h&m
olive tights: welovecolors
clogs: lotta from stockholm


  1. Matilda JoyceJuly 03, 2012

    Congrats on the house! Is that your new garden? 

  2. There's a little patch of green at the front of the house, but we got a small little garden at the back as well :) Got a nice view on a further green area though - we back onto a cemetary :D

  3. Avy StanfordJuly 03, 2012

    Having little time for blogging can sometimes be good thing...




  4. Strung_Out6025July 04, 2012

    As always I adore all of your beautiful colour, and that hat is adorable!