Monday, July 23

Home :)

Hi you guys :)

Guess what: We did go ahead and moved in on Sunday.
As of this afternoon we have a phone line and TA DA! I am back on the interwebs :)

There are still a few bits left at the old place, but most everything is moved. By next Tuesday we'll have handed back the keys and the whole affair will be over and done with. 

Meanwhile I am enjoying our super spacious new home. Available for a limited time only, because we have so little furniture right now. Getting a table, sofa and chest of drawers will be sure to lower the spaciousness factor, but also make for far more comfortable living ;)
I am also looking forward to our new bed, though the airbed I spent last night on was far more comfortable than the worn out old mattress at the shoebox, which kept poking David and me with it’s unruly springs. The other night he dreamt I stabbed him and woke to find the mattress was doing just that. ;)

Have a brilliant start to the week!

hat & bag: glasto
dress: echoo years ago
tights: welovecolors
heels: office (not recently)


  1. You look lovely, that dress is beautiful and congratulations on moving in!

  2. Congrats on completing the move!  I'm amazed that you've posted an OOTD and I love the raspberry tights with this ruffled dress.

  3. Strung_Out6025July 24, 2012

    This outfit is so pretty - the dress is gorgeous and I love the mix of colours. Congrats on the move! I'm sure you'll find beautiful furniture and not lose all your happy spaciousness

  4. Lauren WidelitzJuly 24, 2012

    I love that dress! The ruffles are so sweet. And congratulations on the new house!