Tuesday, July 10

Don't rain on my parade

Here she is: My log lady :)
What better to pair her with than an owl :D

When I looked out the window a few minutes before lunch it looked lovely outside. By the time the door fell shut behind me it was drizzling. When I unlocked my bike it was - excuse my French - pissing it down. It was only reluctantly that I turned around and spent my lunch online.

Not getting to show you my new brooch seemed kind of a downer (way too smug about my "the owls are not what they seem" gag), but I got lucky after work when, two heavy downpours later, the sun came out in full force.

Luckier yet: I scavenged a new (to me) cardi. It had been hanging from a fence by the roadside for the past three days. Whoever lost it never retraced their steps. So, rather than let it go mouldy in the rain, I brazenly popped it into my basket and cycled on home to put it in the wash :) Sod the meek, sometimes you just have to be shameless ;)

I meant to post this on Thursday, but it felt a lot more "colour block" than my last post, so here you are: Two in a day. I feel like one regular blogger now ;)
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See you later in the week!

hat: glasto
my log has something to tell you: etsy (danadamki)
the owls are not what they seem: etsy (decoylab)
denim jacket: eBay
dress: porridge via modcloth
sweater, belt & tights: h&m
bracelet: market stall
clogs: torpatoffeln via lotta for stockholm


  1. I just found your blog today, I love your style and that  log lady is so cute! =)

  2. Strung_Out6025July 11, 2012

    Your log lady is so very awesome! Our weather is a bit like that  at the moment too, sunny one minute, raining the next...

  3. Hehe, that was one of your funniest posts :) Enjoy your cardi. But what if one of your readers claim to be hers/his? Hehe.

  4. Finders keepers, losers weepers! :P