Friday, July 27

Dog Day

Maybe I'd tire of it if we saw more than a handful of days a year of it, but I'll stick by it: The high twenties/low eighties are the most comfortable temperature ever. Cycling in this weather feels like being cuddled by  a warm blanket. Bliss :)

When Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky did a bike post recently she mentioned how few cycle style posts feature helmets. I admit, until not so long ago I flat out refused to wear one myself. I was browbeaten into it by people who care about me and rightly so, but frankly: I still hate the darn things. Safety first and all that. The breeze no longer ruffles my hair. Grumble.

So anyway, above you can behold! my violent pink helmet. Have I mentioned how much I hate that thing? ;) I've ordered myself a pastel pink and a soft blue one. Hopefully a little variety will help me loath wearing a styrofoam headband a little less :D
I promise I'll do a post actually wearing a helmet soon, but hey, it's made it into a picture. :)

On Wednesday our sofa, gifted to us by a friend, arrived. It dwarfs our living room, so we moved it into the conservatory and decided a couple of comfy armchairs would do for the lounge.

I always thought having a sofa on your porch or in a garden room is the bee's knees, but it seemed so darn extravagant (after all a sofa in a space like that must wear out much faster). I can't tell you how excited I was when I realised this was really our only option if we wanted to keep the new to us sofa at all. We've been spending these last few malmy evenings in the conservatory watching the dark draw in, savouring the slowly cooling air. Ice cold drinks (ice cubes!) in hand. Bliss :)

Now we have a spare bedroom (though it's camouflaged as an office) I am really enjoying that I can offer friends a place to spend the night when they find themselves in the area. We've already received our first "booking" for this autumn, when a friend from Austria and I will take on London together ;)

Well, one weekend coming up. Make it a good one! :)

blouse: etsy
plastic necklace: vintage fair
skirt: present
flats: office


  1. oranges_and_applesJuly 27, 2012

    I'm enjoying the warm weather too! Your photos just scream summer!

  2. I never put a helmet on ever while riding a bike, but if I were to get a mountain bike today to do some hardcore biking or a racing bike, I would. For casual biking, I don't. It became a law to wear a helmet if you were under the age of 14, WHEN I was 14 and now they lifted it to 18, so I missed all those laws here in my state or in the US at least. . .but definitely my boys will never not wear a helmet. haha. A helmet saved my husband's life as a kid and he has a large scar across his chest but landed on his helmet (he wore one when it wasn't the law yet).  I'm a rebel. 

    Beautiful outfit!

  3. I'm totally that person picking at my friends to try and convince them to wear a helmet, I just have so little trust in car drivers I don't want the people I love to take any risks. These photos are so summery, and your shoes are adorable xo

  4. There is no better feeling than that of wind in your hair while on your bike.  When I got pregnant with my son was when I started wearing a helmet. And, although I should probably wear one all the  time (I ride a little fixed gear and probably swerve in and out of traffic a little too much), I've just made rules. For example: I wear my helmet if it's nighttime or if I'll be drinking or I'll be riding on a crazy route.  But, if it's a little daytime cruise I'll let myself enjoy the wind.  I'm sure not many people agree with this... but, I live in texas and it's just too damn hot!
    Anyways, do what feels right for you! 
    I always enjoy your blog, thanks!

  5. You have a conservatory?  with a sofa!  I am very envious and want to see photos!