Saturday, July 21


It's funny the things you learn when you're a "personal style blogger". Like how some fabrics can get absolutely drenched and still, in photos you can't tell they're even the tinsiest bit damp, while others.. well. See for yourself :D

You can tell I am a cyclist (rain pooling in my lap as I paddle along), or alternatively you might conclude I have a bladder problem ;)

I've worn these boots once before on the blog here. Within an hour of taking those photos I discovered the rainbow coloured inner and I have been wearing them cuffed ever since. :) Yay! for bonus features.

I've been sniping* all sorts of goodies on eBay recently. Amongst other things I am rather looking forward to the arrival of my new popsicle mold. Kaylah's been showing off her icy creations recently and I am itching to give her recipes a shot. This freezer of ours is going to be one big source of fun for me.

Moving-house-wise, things are going to be speeding up over the next few days. By midweek our bed and the interwebs will arrive, so we'll be spending the night at last.

It's been a privilege not to have to move in a hurry. But I tell you, doing it in dribs and drabs really does wear you down just the same ;)  I could be tempted to just grab my sleeping bag and camp out on the floor just for the sheer hell of it. Who knows, maybe we will ;)

Have a great weekend!

*I get so annoyed with bidding wars it's unreal. Why drive up prices unnecessarily?!

jacket: topshop years ago
top: somewhere on the interwebs years ago
belt: came with a dress
skirt: h&m (dyed)
boots: blowfish via eBay


  1. You look lovely, although admittedly a little bit wet. Glad to hear the moving is going well, I remember the first time I moved out my parents house I moved somewhere unfurnished and I was so excited the day we got the keys I slept on the living room floor (it was the only one with a carpet), such great memories. Love the details on your boots, very cute xo

  2. It would be fun to camp out for a night before all the stuff arrives...and just listen to the sounds of the place.  Love the boots we've rarely seen before...and sorry about the damp lap.

  3. Clara TurbayJuly 22, 2012

    Nice pics!