Monday, June 25

Watch out, she's gonna blow!

Here goes another rare instalment of same day photos. This is me, not a couple of hours ago :)

My heart has been thumping all day, anticipating all manner of things that could go wrong, but all my preparations for the house went smoothly (so far). I snicker at superstitions, yet I secretly suspect I'll jinx this move if I don't watch out :D

Anyway, it's all gooooood :)
and I am so excited for Friday (door keys!) I think I might just burst. That'd be one big mess: Stef bits EVERYWHERE. ;)

Remember how I told you I couldn't resist that old "just look at my arms all casual behind my head" pose when I am wearing crop sweaters?

Well, I am quite pleased with my graceful looks on the right ;)

Here's to another sunny day. Inside and out :)
Have a good one you all!

scarf: present
hat & sweater: h&m
dress: etsy
clogs: lotta from stockholm


  1. I love the photo with your cheeks puffed out!  Congratulations on the keys.

  2. Knock of wood (wink), I'm sure everything will go well. I love your puffed cheek face photo! It's the face I'm tempted to make for 90% of my outfit photos. Also, I'm jealous of your tights with those shoes. I'm never quite brave enough to pull of tights with open-toed shoes. They make me feel paranoid for some reason.

  3. your gracefulness is something of legends :)