Saturday, June 9


Remember that beige skirt of mine? Well, it has had a machine dye upgrade :)

While I slacked around here, I've been fairly active over on instagram. This shot is my favourite, but the owner of the ashtray isn't convinced.

I've been listening to Mountain Man (thanks Sara) and Tycho, also Indie Girl by Bondage Fairies kind of cracks me up. And did I mention I found an old tape I used to listen to when I was only just a teenager? It's the oddest sound, I'll have to search on youtube. Just because :D

It is getting warmer around here - It always cheers me up when you can get rained on without getting cold ;)

Have a brilliant weekend!

top: can't remember right now
brooch: etsy
cardi: asda
skirt: h&m years ago, dyed


  1. That dye turned out so pretty! Lovely outfit :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm glad you liked my suggestion :)