Friday, June 15

Snap happy

Friday :) Fridays are always good. This Friday has been stormy, rainy and sunny. Right now I can hear the leaves rustle, but it sounds more like rain. The sun is shining, but there are silvery grey clouds in the sky. Something brewing :) Howling. A long, drawn out moan. Silence until the rustling builds up slowly once again. Picking out clothes in weather this changeable is quite the lottery. :)

In non-weather-related (weather unrelated?) news: I am SO hooked on instagram. Viewing my shots on the big screen leaves me longing for a more powerful phone camera, but up small and personal, backlit by a phone screen, they kinda POP! It's fun to spy out for odd things to photograph as I go about my day again. I always used to, but then I didn't. Funny how that goes sometimes :) Anyhow, I am pleased that I got back into it. So if you fancy seeing odds and sodds I see, my username is wonkystef

earrings: etsy
scarf: present
cardi, tights & hat: h&m
dress: tara starlet (altered)
flats: primark

1 comment:

  1. Those tights are so adorable. Every time I see you wear them I get all jealous and crave living in a town that actually sells cool tights instead of just brightly colored ones (woe is me, I know I know)