Wednesday, June 27

Santa is coming to town

Some time after 2 AM I finally got to sleep. Housey thoughts turned to houesy dreams and shortly after, the sound of a housey alarm clock. Only two more sleeps. This whole moving malarkey sure is stressful, but stressful-exhilarating, not stressful-heart attack. Or maybe stressful-heart attack after all, if I don't stop obsessing soon and think about something unrelated to four walls and a roof for a change. ;)

But: Fear not for my housey sanity, I have the latest instalment of Wolf Haas' Brenner series, Der Brenner und der liebe Gott, to clear my mind. I've also taken a quick peek in David's current read, Brenner and God*: If the first page is anything to go by, the charm and unusual writing style wasn't lost in translation. Which is all kinds of awesome, because I finally get to share my Brenner fandom with my other half. No more keeping my gob shut about all the major plot points. Or at least not until he's caught up with my greedy page turning.
How about you, reading something good at the mo?

I better get reading, before my mind skips forward to signatures and keys again..  waiting for Christmas nothing against it :D

You still there? Well, I couldn't fold you. Okay, that was a typo but I really couldn't fold you. Couldn't fault you either, if you'd scrolled away from me, the way I have been going on :) I guess I could have just written you three paragraphs of the word HOUSE over and over and over, with plenty of exclamation marks at the end and then a footnote saying: Not quite yet.
But where is the fun in that?

Anyhow, as per usual, here is me wearing some clothes ;)

*clears throat*

Have a fan-tastic day!

dress: white stuff via charity shop
brooch: decoylab on etsy 
earrings: accessorize
hat: primark
boots: blowfish via eBay

*Same book. Only, you know, local colour and all that. Of course I am reading the Austrian German original ;)

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  1. Amcastillo1985June 27, 2012

    love the color scheme for your outfit and the awesome peek of you tatt! and yay for houses!!