Wednesday, June 20


Midsummer, huh? Who would have thunk that would roll around so quickly once again.

Right now, I am really just waiting for our move to materialise. Not quite yet though. We've got some plans for later this summer, but otherwise I am just coasting along. You gotta coast sometimes ;)

My lunch time photo excursions give me a welcome break from the climate controlled office I spend my days in. All morning I'll watch the sky and weigh up locations. What with all the rain it's been a choice of muddy, muddy and dim. So it's no wonder I am jumping for joy whenever the sky brightens. There you have it, I am excited by weather.

Bad weather sure sucks, but sometimes stormy days are so darn beautiful it takes your breath away.
I don't like taking my digital out in the rain though, so no stormy photos for now ;) Well, there are a couple on my instagram 

Anyway, I am going to leave you for the comfort of my sofa & tv now
Have a good one :)

blouse: all-mighty clothing
skirt & white owl: anabelfuzz & decoylab on etsy
yellow owl, cardi & tights (RIPped): h&m


  1. From all that I've gathered from bloggers "across the pond", you guys have similar weather to the Pacific NW--rainy rainy rain, which builds a great appreciation for the sunny days. I feel your weather pain, but I also love your outfit. I had to do a double take on your nails, because for a second I thought you painted them to match the buttons on your shirt.

  2. fashionforgiantsJune 20, 2012

    Love the colors and the tights are fabulous!

  3. Working in an office has to be one of the most boring things ever.
    I love the little owls. Yesterday I went out to the countryside to watch the sun go down and ended up having a barn owl doing some hunting close by. Wat a beautiful sight to behold :)