Monday, June 11

Komm, süßer Tod

It's caps time :)
Komm, süßer Tod (Come Sweet Death) is an Austrian darkly humorous crime film.

The story is based on one of Wolf Haas' detective Brenner novels and centres around the very same.

Just having left the police force, Brenner joins a Viennese ambulance service. He is hoping that for a change nothing will happen and he can just coast along for a while. But then lovers are shot with a single bullet, a rival ambulance service is stealing all the customers, old ladies are dying at an alarming rate and there is that chance meeting with an old high-school girlfriend..

Both book and film begin: Jetzt is schon wieder was passiert - Something just happened again.

The below sequence (left to right) is straight from the book: It is not a bad example of Haas' writing. Always speaking directly to the reader.

I bet you've guessed I am a big fan of not only the film, but the Brenner novels as well. I am a sucker for hard boiled detectives in general, like Tak Kovacs and a couple of others I haven't gone on about yet.

The Brenner novels, they haven't been translated into English just yet, but all the films (three so far) are available with decent English subtitles.

Some violence, a multitude of red lights run for sport, a couple of sex scenes and a continuous flow of dry humour. There is a lot more about this book and film I could tell you.  But it's bad taste to give away too much about a detective story ;)

You can get a hold of the DVD with English (and standard German) subtitles here. Don't rush though, I'll be harping on about another couple of Austrian films soon :)

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  1. I can tell from the subtitles that this would be an hilarious film.