Friday, June 1

I learn the hard way Vol. 3

See, I am so smitten with my new dirndl you get to see it two posts in a row :D This time I mixed it up with a yellow blouse and ditched the apron.

I have said it before and I have to own up once again: I learn the hard way.
Sometimes really, really stupid things just seem perfectly reasonable to me. Like trying to flush old jam down the toilet (it doesn't), trying out whether your bike key will fit the abandoned D lock at the supermarket (it went in, but never came out), or leaving your glasses on top of your camera bag instead of putting them away safely. Most days I'd know not to do any of these things, but I swear, I have these moments where just about anything seems perfectly reasonable and worth a go.

In case you are wondering: I didn't step on my glasses this time around. Oh no. I just lost them. They're somewhere in the high grass of that peaceful meadow. I combed the place for a good hour hoping against hope but in the end I had to concede defeat.

At least losing my favourite specs gives me the opportunity to right another mistake: This time around I am getting the anti-reflection coating. Skimping on that was not a good idea. What can I say? I am an occasional miser.

Done anything harebrained recently yourself?

dress/blouse: present (h. moser)
cardi: h&m (that's the one that came with the owl brooch)
bow ring: accessorize
camera ring: eBay
clogs: office


  1. Kasmira KitJune 01, 2012

    Just this morning, on a humid, rainy day, I thought I'd flat iron my hair in preparation for a cocktail event tonight.  It looked like sh*t by the time I got to work an hour later.  Thank goodness I had all the tools needed for a topknot at my desk.

  2. AmberBlueBird83June 01, 2012

    oh my oh my that is such a cute little dress!   It reminds me of something a grown up strawberry shortcake would wear :)  I do dumb stuff all the time.  Said stuff usually involves me trying to carry way too much because I dont want to make two trips.

  3. That dress is just stunning. How's this for hairbrained: trying to pour milk without talking the cap off the jug ;)

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretties color combination and dress EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the shot of you hanging over the fence.

  5. You always wear the greatest colors!! And the nails are always :)