Friday, May 4

Stef Likes This

After days and days of rain these jelly heels really came into their own. Stomp through muddy woods and wipe clean in seconds: Genius.

After years of sneering at facebook, logging into my account only once every three or four months and periodically deactivating it, I appear to be getting hooked after all.

It's nice to be able to keep up with old friends in Austria or, at least sneak a peek at what's going on in their lifes these days :) So really I guess I am just a snoopy bastard!

Nearly the weekend you all - make it a good one :)

beret & camera ring: eBay
coat: tesco
scarf: asda
sweater & tights: h&m
dress: knitted dove via modcloth
brooch: ark cambridge
jelly heels: melissa via eBay


  1. I love the tights.  I spent an hour snooping on your photography site earlier this evening--lots of amazing photos there.  Recently deactivated my Facebook, so we seem to be on different trajectories there.

  2. This outfit just made me so happy this morning--it was totally the bright pick-me-up I needed. In a very selfish way, I hope you never stop sharing your outfits with the internets. :-)

  3. AmberBlueBird83May 04, 2012

    You seriously have a way with color like no other blogger. I love that you are so bold with your choices.  This outfit is the bees knees! 

  4. Oh that jacket looks gorgeous! :) And those jelly shoes are the cutest. Really nice look ! ^^

    SatuIndie by heart

  5. I love *everything* about this outfit! Wandered over to your blog via everbody everywhere.