Sunday, May 6

No, not my Mom

[..] someone asked me "have you ever had a dream so real you were sure you were awake". I wanted to say how I wish life felt as real as my dreams do, but I didn't want to be reminded
from My Mother Fucked Mick Jagger | Dreams

Not so long ago I received a lovely comment telling me my outfit was adorable, followed by a blog link: How could I have not click the words "My Mother Fucked Mick Jagger"? 

My Mother Fucked Mick Jagger is one young woman's diary (think Bret Easton Ellis in bite sized instalments) and I am totally hooked.

If, like me, you enjoy Avy's writing, you really ought to start at the beginning and read your way towards the present. Some blogs, like mine, you can dip in and out of. But doing that here would be like opening random pages of a novel and fooling yourself that you've read the whole book.

[..] I turn to him and say "you don't make her happy, so why are you here?" Smiling, he calmly answers "all happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way".
from My Mother Fucked Mick Jagger | Confusion
In a lot of ways it reminded me of my own diary. Not this one. The other, the secret one. More polished, sure. Entirely different circumstances too. But the emotion (and absences) that I recognise. As I was reading I kept feeling tempted to send this blogger an excerpt of my own private thoughts. A payment in kind for the reading pleasure. An odd sort of "You showed me yours, so I'll show you mine" gesture. See, I am back to the old snowflake theory all over again!

It must be quite something to share your innermost thoughts online. As much as I feel drawn to doing just that, the lack of control inherent in this openness makes me shiver. Definitely not something I'd have the guts for.

So, as soon as I am not about to let you guys take a peek at my uncensored Self (not sugar and spice, that's for sure), I figured I'd at least point you in Avy's direction.
You're in for a real treat :)

beret: accessorize (a long time ago)
top: h&m (even looonger)
skirt: etsy
trainers: eBay

Red marks on my nose left by my spectacles edited with clone stamp. 
I left the bags under my eyes for you though.


  1. Ooooh, totally bookmarked the blog. May be my Sunday night reading.  Thanks!

  2. I do, I do.May 07, 2012

    She truly is an amazing writer! 

  3. Avy StanfordMay 08, 2012

    Thank you so much for those sweet words, it means a lot :*




  4. Avy pointed me here. :) And you have a really lovely blog too! 
    I love the colour scheme of this outfit, and the jewels! Looking cute :)SatuIndie by heart