Wednesday, May 16

Feeling beige

Usually putting together an outfit is a quick thing for me: I'll put on a pair of tights, a skirt or a dress and then go from there adding matching bits until I am dressed. Not on Saturday just gone though. Oh no.

I picked out a dress, belt and scarf, only to realised I'd neglected my hand laundry to the point where I had no tights that fitted the bill. So I started over. I put on another dress and.. fell short again. Flummoxed, I decided I was having a beige day. Albeit a dotty one.

Dot-wise I reckon I still qualify as a children's book illustration, despite the lack of colour :D

And just so you know: I bit the hand laundry bullet. My bathroom is now chock full of drip drying tights.

denim jacket: eBay
blouse & skirt: h&m years and years and years ago
tights: present (h&m)
clogs: torpa toffeln


  1. This is a very sweet outfit imo :)

  2. Beige Days are perfect reminders for why color rocks so damn much. I love the multiple polka dot sizes--you're definitely still a character in a kid's book!