Thursday, May 10

Drill bit

Sick of flat rainy day images? Boy, am I ever!
I know the soil can really do with the downpours we've been having but my disposition is starting to match the low light.

Meh. I got these nail transfers on etsy. While they are easy to apply and I love the motifs I am not so sure how I feel about the way the edges show. I'll use them all for sure, but I don't think I'll go back for more.

Also, I applied them selfishly: They're right side up to me, but upside down to anyone else looking.
Self absorbed? Me? Why, never!

Mind you, there is an upside to awful weather:
Time to trawl grooveshark and youtube for new to me music.

Here is a chirpy track:

I have really gotten into Gold Panda something chronic. Now, most of the tunes are really, really laid back. This one isn't quite as much and also very repetitive, but it's my favourite:

Now, a word of warning to the melodically inclined:
Lately I've been in the mood for music reminiscent of somebody drilling your skull. If you also wish to have your skull drilled, Crystal Castles are for you:

What music have you been into recently?

beret & fairy pink tights: eBay
scarf: present
dress: h&m years ago
coat & mittens: primark
jelly heels: melissa via eBay


  1. Jess CarrMay 10, 2012

    I never even noticed the edges of the nail transfers until you pointed it out; they are so cute!

  2. Crystal LeeMay 10, 2012

     I’m cracking up over your comment that you applied your nails selfishly! I'm also loving those jelly shoes. I may have to get a pair.

  3. If you don't mind the edges, they are pretty neat otherwise.
    I got them here

  4. Those shoes are adorable!!

  5. Reinhardt KennethMay 12, 2012

    darl this look is very artsy<3 love it.
    oh and am following you on bloglovin :)
    nice post. The words, they make a dance of spring breeze in my head.
    mind to follow back?:)

  6. I was psyched that this weekend was actually sunny and it finally seems that the weather is going to improve. Like you say, the lack of light has been bringing me down too much...

    As for the nail transfers it is indeed a shame that they have those edges showing, otherwise they would be perfect, the designs are really nice.

    As for the music, great selection. the Naked and Famous album was the one I played the most last year! I've been listening a lot to the National, First Aid Kit, Mountain Man. You might like them if you don't know them yet 


  7. Thank you :) I hadn't come across Mountain Man yet - right up my street :)