Monday, May 14


I waited a good long while to wear this dress.
I bought it last winter (the vast majority of my summer dresses were bought on dreary winter days) and have been waiting for the return of sunshine and my summer waistline. Saturday just gone I finally got to take it for a spin :)

I got some nail guides on Kaylah's recommendation. When it comes to painting your nails I always take her word for it, so it didn't come as a surprise when I found these to be all kinds of awesome.

And as soon as I have little else to tell you guys, I'll just leave you with some music.
The Buffalo Analog is a recent find for me:

Some of their songs (especially these) kinda remind me of
Austrian band  Sofa Surfers:

Have a great start to the week!

dress & camera ring: eBay
scarf: present
cardi: new look
earrings: DIY (buttons)


  1. Hello Stef,
    I frequent some fashion blogs and I, about a month ago, stumbled upon your blog and now I'm addicted:) I sincerely believe you have an amazing style and the colors, boy oh boy!

    I just wish I'm brave enough and a bit younger (ok, Im ten years older than you.) to dress up like you, even though I do not look or feel my age.

    So, here is a question for you: What would you think of a 40 or 40 something years old dressing in a similar style to yours? Would you think of her as a silly old hag acting like a teenage or how refreshing and cool? 
    Cyrene from:

  2. Thank you :)

    I think I'll have to go with "cool" at any age. For instance, my blue haired other half is in his forties.

    I eased myself into more colourful looks gradually. if you look back through my archives you can see that I wasn't quite as bold when I started this blog (and oh hell, my hair.. MY HAIR!). There's a lot of grey and black with colourful tights being the only source of brightness. With time I accumulated more of a rainbow wardrobe. I'd say get the odd colourful piece, or transform some white or beige garments with some fun machine dyes and see how you go. :)

  3.  This outfit is so adorable, and as always, your bright colors are such smile-inducing pieces of perfection. And that sweater! So wonderful! It's probably creepy to tell you how tempted I am to steal it, but you're an ocean away from me so I think you're safe.

  4. That dress is way cute and the jacket you paired with it is perfect.  I love the way the modern cardi plays against the florals. :)

  5. The sweater is just perfect with this new dress.  And the sunshine makes a wonderful difference!

  6. Thanks Stef for your reply :) It is refreshing to be acknowledged and not ignored, as some other bloggers do. 

    Anyway, I will certainly add more color to my outfits, especially the weather is wonderful here. I guess that is why I moved here :-) to wear all the lovely dresses I accumulated over the years when I was working in London. And I will for sure post some outfits posts  on my blog when I have moved and settled down. 

    By the way, your other half is quite brave :) I would never be able to do so even though I'm dying to have dreadlocks! I know, strange but I've always wanted to have some for a while. Now, living in a tiny town in rural Italy, I would never be able to do so :( people would think I'm weird, worst still, they would not speak to me and that can be tough. You know small town mentality.

    Keep up the good work girl and I wish you all the best. If you fancy a visit to this part of Italy, let me know, I can direct you to nice affordable little B&B in the mountain. 
    Kind Regards

  7. Your outfits are really, truly delicious. That sweater is too fantastic.