Wednesday, May 30

Back home

As you can see the weather was glorious on my Austrian weekend.
I booked the flight on short notice to visit my grandma (Oma that is) in hospital. Luckily she is recovering well. I expect she will be back home doting on her cat soon, so that put a really positive note on my brief visit.

My parents claimed the little remaining time to treat me to some shopping. Who am I to argue? We went back to the H. Moser outlet (where I got my other Dirndls) just outside of Salzburg (in Eugendorf, in case you ever find yourself in the region). Every time I go there I forget that they size everything down and get all mopey about all the pretty dresses not my size. That is until I finally realise they totally are my size after all! Such a lucky bastard, me. So I got this pretty pink number and a spare apron and blouse too. I won't run out of different ways to wear this in a hurry.

While it was only a brief visit, I still found time to saunter up the local hill together with my Dad and his camera.
How lucky a kid was I to have this as my stomping ground?

Falling over: A sure sign of too much posing for the darn camera :D

I was a little shocked to find that most of the dairy farms around the area had shut down and while many families still keep some horses and a couple of cows, there is no way to make farming pay for itself unless you turn your stables into a milk or meat factory. As a friend of mine put it: "The farmers that are left don't even know how many cows they have in their stables". The interwebs tells me that since I left the country over a decade ago, the number of dairy farms in Austria has halved. I guess I've been gone a long time.

Check it out: Before it turned into a shed this was my play house, built especially by my Dad :) Pretty luxurious, huh?

My parents are crazy into their gorgeous garden and have lots of sculptures scattered throughout the luscious greenery :)

I can't wait to go over there again. Especially as soon as this visit was so family orientated and while that's awesome, I am itching to catch up with friends too :)

There are more (non-outfit) photos from my trip on my brand spanking new instagram account. You can find me under "wonkystef" or via my followgram.

dress: present (h moser)
ring: market stall
flats: primark


  1. This outfit is so damn cute!

  2. Elke PichlerMay 31, 2012

    Fesches Dirndl!
    LG aus der Steiermark

  3. ahh the dress with a cute apron!!!!!  Dirndl for the win! the country behind you looks incredible! That is sad about the dairy farms.