Wednesday, May 30

Back home

As you can see the weather was glorious on my Austrian weekend.
I booked the flight on short notice to visit my grandma (Oma that is) in hospital. Luckily she is recovering well. I expect she will be back home doting on her cat soon, so that put a really positive note on my brief visit.

My parents claimed the little remaining time to treat me to some shopping. Who am I to argue? We went back to the H. Moser outlet (where I got my other Dirndls) just outside of Salzburg (in Eugendorf, in case you ever find yourself in the region). Every time I go there I forget that they size everything down and get all mopey about all the pretty dresses not my size. That is until I finally realise they totally are my size after all! Such a lucky bastard, me. So I got this pretty pink number and a spare apron and blouse too. I won't run out of different ways to wear this in a hurry.

While it was only a brief visit, I still found time to saunter up the local hill together with my Dad and his camera.
How lucky a kid was I to have this as my stomping ground?

Falling over: A sure sign of too much posing for the darn camera :D

I was a little shocked to find that most of the dairy farms around the area had shut down and while many families still keep some horses and a couple of cows, there is no way to make farming pay for itself unless you turn your stables into a milk or meat factory. As a friend of mine put it: "The farmers that are left don't even know how many cows they have in their stables". The interwebs tells me that since I left the country over a decade ago, the number of dairy farms in Austria has halved. I guess I've been gone a long time.

Check it out: Before it turned into a shed this was my play house, built especially by my Dad :) Pretty luxurious, huh?

My parents are crazy into their gorgeous garden and have lots of sculptures scattered throughout the luscious greenery :)

I can't wait to go over there again. Especially as soon as this visit was so family orientated and while that's awesome, I am itching to catch up with friends too :)

There are more (non-outfit) photos from my trip on my brand spanking new instagram account. You can find me under "wonkystef" or via my followgram.

dress: present (h moser)
ring: market stall
flats: primark

Monday, May 28

Hazy Daze: Diesig

So, as soon as I'll be on a flying visit to Austria as this post goes live, I figured I'd feature a token bit of German in the title.

A number of my colleagues are based in Germany, but regularly join us in our English office. So when one of them commented on how "diesig" it was out, I realised I'd forgotten all about the German word for "hazy". It's been lodged in my mind ever since. Whatever else I am thinking about, it'll randomly pop into my mind: Die-sig. (dee-sig) I guess I like the sound of it :)

In Cambridge the rain finally stopped and has been replaced by a heavy heat. Well, it's pretty diesig. You could cut yourself a slice of air. No complaints here though, I absolutely love it. Here's hoping it's also nice and warm where I am going (or I guess.. where I already am and am about to return from today ;))

dress & pistachio tights: eBay
cardi: asda
ring & earrings: present
brooch & bangle: etsy
clogs: moheda

Saturday, May 26


I always feel a bit of a skank standing around in public striking the above pose, but what can you do? It's a compulsion: When I am wearing a crop sweater I just have to ;)

Nothing much else to report.
If I haven't found time to swap out this text I must be pretty busy over in Austria. I am on a real brief visit to family over there. Not that any of you guys saw this coming, the way I've been harping on about the place recently ;)

Diversions will be running on automatic until Wednesday, hope you have a fab time until then :)
So long!

sweater: h&m
skirt: etsy
shoes: office

Thursday, May 24

Accidental holiday

It would appear summer has landed around here :)
Meanwhile I am off to pack for some unplanned travel

I know it is probably a little bit early for this, but: Have a most excellent weekend you-all!

hat & brooch: h&m
cardi: h&m donkeys years back
dress: etsy
tights: primark
boots: eBay

Tuesday, May 22

Filing cabinets

Me, I speak before I think. When I first meet people I am all quiet introvert. I am a listener who can keep a secret and gives away little about herself. But then, eventually, when I finally feel like I got the measure of you: The other shoe drops and like Dr. J. transforming into Mr. H., without warning, I turn into a loud mouth. Sometimes I really wish I could get myself to stick with a more measured approach: You know, that fabled golden middle.

When I was growing up I was forever reinventing myself. If there was a trait I disliked about myself I'd pretend I was some other little girl who did not possess this unwanted attribute. I did this with such gusto, sometimes I felt like I was my very own science project.

I've been reminiscing a lot just lately. Thinking back to my childhood.  I've always been real good at looking forward not back. Don't get me wrong, my future has never looked rosier, but they're a funny thing, memories. They fluctuate, they warp like old wood left out in the rain. Like a magician's rabbit they disappear only to re-emerge when you least expect them to. And here I am thinking to myself: "How'd I forget all that stuff and never even realise something was missing back here, in my internal filing cabinets?"

But then I know this is the same for almost everybody. No total recall for me :) Just colourful little tableaus, moments like faded Polaroids, and not a clue which order they go in.

Memories have always fascinated me. The way they come and go, their unreliability, subjectivity. How they can go from faded to VIVID! and then merge into the background all over again.

Our minds are pretty rad like that, no?

dress: heartbreakers
scarf: tie rack
pins: etsy
ring: DIY
bracelets: etsy & market stall
sweater: h&m
flats: primark

Sunday, May 20

More weather

I had some more fun with the nail guides Kaylah recommended.

Sunshine still eludes us around here, although the rain has transformed from ferocious downpours to tedious drizzle. So guess what: I've been spending even more time on youtube. Some new favourites are embedded below :)

Happy Sunday :)

jacket: tulle via modcloth
blouse: h&m years ago
sweater: asda a couple of years ago
brooch: etsy
earrings: accessorize looong ago
skirt: next via eBay (dyed)
flats: primark

Friday, May 18

If I were a superhero I'd be the procrastinator

When it comes to keeping in touch with friends.. I am a real flake. Abominable actually. It's not that I don't think of them and wonder how they are doing, it's the actual keeping in touch part I am nightmarishly bad at.

Over the past couple of weeks I finally sent a slew of long overdue emails. Apologising profusely for my radio silence and updating old friends on what's been happening in my life over the past year.. or two.

Once I actually stop worrying about it and just get in contact already! it's absolutely awesome to find out what everybody has been up to. Catching up rules.. It's easy once you get a round tuit.

Anyway, I feel just a little smug about my current lack of interpersonal procrastination*. Hell, since getting a smart phone I've even been answering text messages (yes, I have a history of shying away from phones too).

In fact, that smart phone has made all the difference: Take it from me, it's an invaluable tool for the socially inapt. I mean, I actually check my emails numerous times a day now, back when I had a "phone-phone" I'd leave my inbox to fester for weeks or months at a time (just like my facebook account). I am sure the socially capable can appreciate smart phones too, but I wouldn't know about that ;D

So, does keeping in touch with other humanoids come easy to you, or do you have to give your own arm a sharp twist like I do?

*okay, okay - there are still a couple more emails to write 

sweater & brooch: etsy
jacket: topshop years ago
skirt: present - A most lovely colleague of mine had a wardrobe clear out the other day and brought in a bag of goodies for the rest of us. I scored this awesome skirt :)
tights: eBay

Wednesday, May 16

Feeling beige

Usually putting together an outfit is a quick thing for me: I'll put on a pair of tights, a skirt or a dress and then go from there adding matching bits until I am dressed. Not on Saturday just gone though. Oh no.

I picked out a dress, belt and scarf, only to realised I'd neglected my hand laundry to the point where I had no tights that fitted the bill. So I started over. I put on another dress and.. fell short again. Flummoxed, I decided I was having a beige day. Albeit a dotty one.

Dot-wise I reckon I still qualify as a children's book illustration, despite the lack of colour :D

And just so you know: I bit the hand laundry bullet. My bathroom is now chock full of drip drying tights.

denim jacket: eBay
blouse & skirt: h&m years and years and years ago
tights: present (h&m)
clogs: torpa toffeln

Monday, May 14


I waited a good long while to wear this dress.
I bought it last winter (the vast majority of my summer dresses were bought on dreary winter days) and have been waiting for the return of sunshine and my summer waistline. Saturday just gone I finally got to take it for a spin :)

I got some nail guides on Kaylah's recommendation. When it comes to painting your nails I always take her word for it, so it didn't come as a surprise when I found these to be all kinds of awesome.

And as soon as I have little else to tell you guys, I'll just leave you with some music.
The Buffalo Analog is a recent find for me:

Some of their songs (especially these) kinda remind me of
Austrian band  Sofa Surfers:

Have a great start to the week!

dress & camera ring: eBay
scarf: present
cardi: new look
earrings: DIY (buttons)