Monday, April 16


Now that we are motorised once more we've been catching up on some long outstanding visits (though there are plenty more friends around the country we are yet to descend upon)

Not so long ago we visited friends in Birmingham and last week we invaded a Mancunian home overrun with Daleks.

Clent Hill: I really enjoyed hopping and tripping across the root work of these trees. The bottom third is barely in shot in the image with tiny blob me.

It’s been years since I set foot in a brick and mortar bead shop :) So many goodies ready for assembly.

Easter bunny surprise :) Rocket... man insect?. All the other creatures in the series seem to be insects. A ladybug, a fly, bee and even a grasshopper. All quite identifiable. But not this one. What is he? Well, in any case he's got a rocket!

I would recommend Uncle Joe's Balls. Not least because it just sounds so wrong. The Winter Nips too.


  1. Good times! Your flask is the best ;)

  2. looks like such a fun outing!

  3. The little insectoid dude looks like a mosquito to me.

    In other news, those woods are gorgeous!

  4. hellohello

    could i ask you where your flask comes from please?

    thank you!

  5. The holy water bottle is made by Blue Q :)

  6. Thanks, that seems obvious now that you've said it :)
    That nose..

  7. I love your blog, is that a stone circle? The Uncle Joe's Mint Balls factory was opposite my high school in Wigan. It does sound wrong but they smell so good! : )

  8. I think it's a mosquito.
    Greetings from the Czech Republic ;)