Friday, April 27

Touch up

The other day I took a half day holiday to get my new tattoo touched up :D

I had a look through some magazines while waiting for my appointment. The suit wearing tree really caught my eye :)

Any Ren & Stimpy fans amongst you? The Log tat rather tickled me. BLAMMO!

Alex at work :)

The design for my nesting dolls is by Mara Murphy and Anna Branning of Dutch Door Press and it was tattooed by Alex Hugianu. I'll be posting some more about my nesting dolls once they are healed (again!).

I think it's time to amputate a juicy arm from my aloe right about now. The perfect remedy for burns and as it turns out, not at all bad for helping along healing tattoos either..

Happy Friday :)
Have a stonking great weekend!


  1. Your tattoo is gorgeous! And great tip for using aloë to let your tattoo heal!

  2. Au man ... da zeigst De mir jetzt was. Bin ja auch schon lääääänger am überlegen und gerade erst kürzlich hab ich mich wieder damit beschäft. Hätte doch soooo gerne nen Nähmaschinen-Tatoo auf dem Oberarm. Aber guuuute Tatoowierer sind meist auf Monate ausgebucht und dann wär ja noch die Sache mit dem Aua-Aua. Aber jetzt bin ich natürlich wieder angefixt.

    Bin schon mächtig gespannt wie es dann heile aussieht.



  3. kendra millerApril 27, 2012

    i adore the suit wearing tree.....your nesting dolls are pretty amazing as well =)