Tuesday, April 3

Tiny little DIYs

Here is how I made my little frames

You'll need: Scissors, wooden ice cream sticks, paint, a paintbrush, glue and little print outs of the images you'd like to hang.
  1. Cut out your print outs leaving a little border (enough space to glue the ice cream sticks to). 
  2. Paint the white borders of the print outs and the ice cream sticks the same colour (you don't absolutely have to paint the print out edges but it helps hide any imperfections).
  3. Leave to dry
  4. Glue the print outs to cardboard (I used a pizza box) and leave that to dry too.
  5. Cut the ice cream sticks to size
  6. Glue them to the edges of the print outs and leave to dry one last time :)

I am using acid free reprositionable glue dots to hang my frames. Occasionally one falls down but it's not caused any damage to the wallpaper so I can rearrange to my heart's content :)

This little display cabinet and chair (on the right) were made by Triang. The cabinet is meant to be a bookcase. Well, sod that - it's a perfect sideboard. What could be a more comfortable spot to have a natter on the phone?

I used plastic pick up sticks to make a roll up map and chart.

The little purple & blue floral cushion has been in the house from way back when. I made the bright red cushions from some left over material from my red skirt :)

To make tiny little cushions you'll need: a little bit of material and some cotton wool.
  1. Cut some material to size and stitch closed on the reverse leaving an opening large enough to stuff with cotton wool.
  2. Pull the material outside in - you know what I mean: right side outwards. :D
    This is a bit fiddly, I used my scissors to pull the material the right way where I couldn't get to it with my comparatively HUGE fingers.
  3. Fill with cotton wool
  4. Stitch the last side closed
  5. Voila! Comfy sofa

And there is going to be a sewing corner too!

When I spied this little Kleeware sewing machine on eBay I couldn't resist. Check it out: You can fold the machine into the table and the drawers open too :)
I am not quite done messing with the sewing corner so more of that next time :)


  1. BOAH ... ich drück mir gerade die Nase am Bildschirm platt ... DIE KLEINE NÄHMASCHINEEEEEE!!! Ich krieg mich nicht mehr ein.

    Hab morgen nen DIY-vlog für Cardi Clips. Is vielleicht was für Dich.



  2. melissa whiteApril 03, 2012

    Seriously-that doll house makes me want to go find one right now!  So sweet those vintages patterns and treasures.  I wish my own house looked the your doll house.  Do you have people for the inside?

  3. I wish my house was as spacious as my dolls house (and that I could just change scale to enlarge rooms like I did with the dolls house) :D
    I don't have any people for it but sometimes I photoshop myself in there :)

  4. I didnt know you had a doll house.  Have you ever posted it before?   I would love to see a full picture! 

  5. so awesome! I think I need to make some frames like this :)

  6. andibgoodeApril 04, 2012

    I love your doll house so much! It looks great. Thanks for sharing these little DIYs with us :D
    -Andi x

  7. I love your doll house posts. If you weren't such a cute dresser, I'd say they were my favorite. But it's  tie. I also love your diy framed mini pictures, because that could be turned into magnets super fast. And having framed art magnets might be super cool. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. You can see all my dolls house posts here, past doll house headers are collected her and this post gives you an idea of the size :)