Tuesday, April 24

Those tights..

These wrinkly tights, they are going in the bin. No mercy.

After about a year of (near as) constant wear, my H&M Hasbeens are falling to pieces.

I was indignant when I found the same clogs (unused) on eBay at four times the original retail price. It was always going to happen but I got all ruffled anyway. I'd briefly considered buying a few extra pairs when I ordered my H&M Swedish Hasbeens collaboration clogs last year. As a little investment. I don't know, the whole idea made me feel kinda sleazy. Cut-me-own-throat-Dibbler eat your heart out. Still, it would have been prudent.

Short story   l o n g ,   those H&Ms Have been, long live my Torpatoffeln.

In other news, I'll be getting my tattoo touched up this week! By the time that's healed it should be warm enough to leave off tights now and then :)

dress: h&m (a few years)
scarf: present
dala horse brooch: etsy
jumper: asda
clogs: torpatoffeln (via lotta)


  1. Hi stef!! Beautiful!!! Color , scarf, dress...kisses
    Rose jp

  2. Rebecca KummerfeldApril 25, 2012

    I just took a pile (Literally a HUGE mountain when I plopped them out on the counter) to the shoe fix man down the street. I am desperately hoping some of my beloved shoes might be nursed back to health! I hate letting good ones go!

  3. You always have tights in the best colors. I need to stock up on some pretty spring colors as well.

  4. I like your captures. I just remember that I had a blue tights same as yours. You are so pretty. Keep sharing! :)