Thursday, April 26

Subject to weather conditions

The lighting was a little changeable last Thursday, hey?
We've been having plenty of April showers. For the past week sunny intervals have been few and far between heavy downpours and consta-drizzle. It better let up soon or I'll have to have a photo-shortage induced blog holiday :D

On the other hand, I do love watching fast moving clouds. See, Cambridge is flat as a pancake, so the sky is wide open. The full length windows at my office are perfect for watching storms gather. Quite the treat (as long as my mind doesn't skip ahead to the bike ride home) .

Farewell for now, weather permitting I'll see you all on Saturday!

beret & skirt (dyed): eBay
cardi: asda
blouse: etsy (clever nettle)
flats: primark

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