Sunday, April 8


Last Monday I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth and found that not only did I have bags for life under my eyes, they were actually so puffy they looked bruised. Then I forgot my lipstick at home and work was pretty full on to boot. Forgive my vanity, no way am I posting any close-ups :)

The Kings of Leon certainly saved my bacon, keeping me calm(ish) in my little music bubble while the system I support from nine to five threw a massive tantrum.

In my department we work to tight regulatory timelines but the great thing about the place is that when the going gets tough, rather than biting at each other we are at our most boisterous.  Us Pharmacovigilantes (hey, I like thinking of myself as a superhero, okay?) are renowned for our high noise level and lots of laughter while we race about manically. Not having to deal with office politics and being part of a tight knit, well played in team is a breath of fresh air after the last place I worked at practically imploded thanks to a couple of players.

It was a hard wait but now the long weekend is upon me and the other half and l'll be keeping busy visiting family and friends.
Have a (shell I?) most eggcellent time

dress & brooch: etsy
scarf: present
jacket: tesco
denim jacket: h&m
ring: market stall
tights: c/o welovecolors-
clogs: h&m hasbeens


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldApril 08, 2012

    So glad Im not the only one with crazy stress-looks now and then. I love the white embroidery on your dress! Gorgeous!

  2. you look so gorgeous here, love it 

  3. oranges_and_applesApril 08, 2012

     Hope you're having a lovely easter weekend. I am very bad with stress. I don't mind if it's just me that needs to finish things off at ridiculous speed, but when i'm relying on others to do stuff I get very stressy. But at least I know that!

  4. I love all the shades of blue in this outfit. Gorgeous! I hope you're having a less stressful day today!

  5. Lovely! Your nail colours and ring just make me think of Easter, how original :D
    I know how work can make you miserable sometimes, it's great to know that it doesn't have to be like that - gives me hope for the future!  xx