Wednesday, April 18

Sounds legit

I've been daydreaming my head off lately. While carrying out repetitive tasks (CTRL+C CTRL+V), when I am editing images or cycling into town, I am always making up little stories to entertain myself.

There's a core set of characters I've put through various hardships over the years. Three generations of them. Occasionally they get to watch morning light filter through dusty net curtains while sipping at gloriously fragrant cups of black coffee, but most days into battle they go. Guerrilla style. Don’t throw them a pity party yet though, more often than not I bestow handy superpowers upon them. As much a curse as a blessing for some. *cue over dramatic musical score*
As you can see, my mind is about as literary as B-movie formula.

Once I tire of a storyline I reset my miniature universe. Changes in the political situation and infrastructure, a new origin story for a couple of characters. I don’t make their imaginary lives easy but still, I am oddly protective of the lot of them.

Is that a strange pastime? Probably not. My Tumblr stream insists we're all chock-full of secret imaginary worlds.
Sounds legit. :D

Of course I am also daydreaming about garages turned photographic studio, but that’s a whole nother story.

hat, scarf & cardi: h&m
brooch: self assembly :D
dress: eBay (thefrippe)
flats: primark


  1. I have several imaginary worlds that I send characters though. Sometimes during a 're-write' I will switch the genders of all the characters to see how that changes the story. They help me fall asleep & get though long trips.
    Also, I majorly love this dress.

  2. Woah... I do that too! I even write out my character's genealogy, going back up to six generations! I thought I was alone in this...

  3. I have characters.  Perhaps you should consider a blog in which you tell a few of these stories...and treat them like a serial.

  4. Brilliant, I like the gender switch idea :)