Friday, April 6

On the prowl

Here is what I wore on the prowl for houses last Saturday. :)
Turns out estate agents take one look at us and figure we're just viewing houses for a laugh. And that even though the husband's hair isn't even pillar box red anymore and check me out: I was positively muted.

I expected agents to be flaky but I wasn't prepared for the stand offish, unhelpful grumpiness we've encountered so far. Apparently being a world class c. is part of the skill set required. Pardon my French.

I haven't climbed a tree in goodness knows how long, so I was surprised to find the one above so easy to scale. What with my special eye and the double vision and eye patches that came courtesy of that when I was little, I was never particularly nimble in the tree climbing department. One childhood friend made a lot of effort to cure me of my fear of heights and coaxed me higher and higher in a needle tree that grew in the playground near her house. My Mom would come to pick me up and find us lodged in the high branches refusing vehemently to come down.

I guess last Saturday muscle memory took over and every time I moved upwards a step I immediately found another foothold. Before I knew it I was out of shot and had to lower myself down again. I can just imagine sitting in that tree on a sunny day with a good book. It's a lonesome place too, surrounded with stinging nettle boobie traps as it is :D

hat: present when I was a toddler
top: peacocks
cardi: primark
ring & brooch: market stall
skirt & dala horse brooch: etsy
mid blue tights: welovecolors
denim jacket & trainers: eBay


  1. Cute outfit! I absolutely adore your nails.

  2. lovely colours :)
    I need to try me some polkadot nails too, they look great :)