Monday, April 30

Nailed it

As soon as the rain hasn't let up just yet I figured I'd regurgitate collect a few of my favourite nail dos from the past year :)

I've spent the dreary weekend watching images flicker across the TV with my headphones on. Sooo relaxing. I listened to Beach Fossils, The Black Keys, The National and new to me Zola Jesus and I Break Horses. (a video for each is embedded below)

Zola Jesus is becoming a fast favourite.
There are few things quite as uplifiting as finding new music :D

Have a great start to the week! :)


  1. You are so talented with a nail polish brush! It's hard enough for me to stay in the lines with just one color. I can't wait to listen to these music videos. I'm always in search of a new band to fall in love with.

  2. You are a wonder with that polish brush! I wish I had your patience and talent to be able to recreate these cute designs. 

  3. I'm so thrilled you shared this post! I've been struggling to come up with some fun new nail designs, so this is perfectly timed! Thanks!

  4. I don't really do much to my nails but I love that you paint yours to go with your outfits. This is such a great collection of shots!