Monday, April 2

I get up, and nothing gets me down

Years of blogging and not a single jumping shot to show for it :) Well, I'll thoroughly fix that today:

I took these last Thursday after work. The whole jumping around thing infront of my camera? All done while heavy traffic was passing by :) I got a right chuckle out of that. Thankfully Cambridge is generally rather tolerant towards a generous helping of Crazy. I should know :D

I followed the rush-hour-traffic-entertainment up with two hours of cycling around the outskirts of the city. We're considering various local areas for our move but I'd really like to carry on cycling to work, so I needed to test out some routes. I was abso-lutely pooped by the time I got home but it was such an unseasonably warm and sunny day I can't think of anything I would rather have done :)

Have a fantastic start to the week! :)

dress: supayana
cardi: asda
brooches: etsy
earrings & bracelet: present
jacket: topshop (years ago)
medium blue tights: welovecolors
flats: primark


  1. HACH ... der Schnitt von dem Kleid is ja tooootal schön.

    So in der Art möchte ich auch meine Sommerkleider nähen. Nur leider sind Retroschnitte in große Größen eher selten zu bekommen und ich muß jeden Schnitt anpassen. Mal guggen was bei rauskommt.

    :-)))) ... Hüpfbilder hab ich auch schon probiert. Aber bei nem 100kg Mehlsack gestaltet sich das etwas schwerfällig. :-)))))



  2. It'd be so nice to be able to take a bike to work! I'm hoping I'll find a job close enough to be able to do that (especially since the AC on my car isn't exactly functional). 

  3. Oh, I laughed out loud at your jump shot.  You don't do anything halfway, do you!  The elephant bracelet is wonderful.

  4. Amazing jumping shots!! It's like you're doing a dance in the air! :D

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  5. wow, this is really nice combination and funny jumping photos!

    greetings from Czech Republic, small country in Europe :)