Saturday, April 21

Casual Friday

I rarely feel casual on Fridays, but last week I did.
Totally casual Velcro trainers (which never came out of my bag at Glasto but got a little mud on them anyway :D) Still over a year to go until next time. Not that I am counting down.. 

Well, the house hunt appears to be over. Subject to contract. And there is a garage! Where we live now there is no space to unpack my portable studio kit. It's been resting in it's body bag for a good five years. Time to wake up :)

Happy weekend!

t-shirt & coat: some supermarket
cardi: modcloth
skirt (dyed) & trainers: ebay


  1. Congratulations on the house! But what about moving to America? Have you given up the dream?

  2. Mary: I've been following your blog for weeks so it's time for a comment I DO listen to you, Love the clothes and nail varnish, and think you should write about your characters. So how about it?

  3. Congrats on finding the elusive house...and may the garage make an e*cellent studio.  My *-key has died!

  4. Congratulations on finding a house! It's so difficult sometimes to find the right place... 
    I find your t-shirt very amusing!

  5. Moving to the US was dependent on a visa, which we were denied. If we tried again we'd be even less likely to succeed as the denied visa would always count against our case. The idea still appeals but ultimately it was just a means to travel. This house is too. Rent money now turns into travel money :D

  6. Whoa, you surprised me! Welcome to the old blog :)

    I don't know if the world is ready for my pulp fictions but maybe one day, if I actually manage to refine those stories a little :) You could always be my ghost writer ;)

    See you soon!