Tuesday, March 27

What you doin' Dumbo?

I didn't expect a school group to be hunting for eggs in the woods when I went for a photo lunch last Friday. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

The kids were baffled when they spied me. "Why you takin' photos of yourself?" was swiftly followed by "You're a weirdo" and eventually culminated in yells of "What you doin' Dumbo?"

"Watch out or I'll tell your teacher" was my answer to the latter. Woosh! And I was alone again.
That's the beauty of being an adult: Empty threats actually work ;)

Last week the husband and I started house hunting. Yep, we're actually making like adults and are planning to buy a house. The prospect of living somewhere we can paint the walls whatever colour we like and hang what we feel like too is intoxicating to say the least. Mind you, saving some of the money we now spend on rent for travel will clearly be the biggest change once we succeed. Exciting :)

Have a most excellent Tuesday :)

beret: eBay
brooch & skirt: etsy
cardi: asda
blouse: debenhams
bow ring: accessorize
silver ring: present
scout green tights: welovecolors
saddle shoes: bass


  1.  Die Farben von Deinem Outfit sind sooo schön harmonisch. Hach, und türkise Strümpfe sind ja auch zur Zeit mein Favorite.

    Und die Nägel hast auch wieder so schön angemalt. Hab auch schon probiert Punkte auf meine Nägel zu malen. Werden aber irgendwie nur dicke Platscher und sehn grauenvoll aus.

    Hatte die Tage auch Neugierige beim Fotographieren. Und ein Mädel so um die 10 Jahre alt fragte mich doch tatsächlich:" Haben Sie in echt so pinke Haare?" . Ich dann soo: " Jaaaaa, habe ich". :-)))



  2. Hi!!! Beautiful your blouse, your colors!!!

    Kisses rose jp

  3. I love this whole outfit and the skirt is so pretty. Kids are funny, I love how they have the guts to say whatever they want when they are in a group. x

  4. kendra millerMarch 27, 2012

    I dig your tattoos peeking out from your tights =D

  5. I love the color palette--although I'm pretty sure I think that about every outfit you post. Congratulations on house hunting, and well done in fighting off the (unexpected (and probably rather short statured)) Spanish Inquisition.

  6. Danke :)
    Fuer die gepunktelten Naegel benutz ich ein "embossing tool" - da weiss ich jetzt leider das Deutsche Wort gar nicht! Die Kaylah nimmt das auch her: http://daintysquid.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/part-two-is-large-polka-dots.html

    Ginge zwar mit einer Stecknadel auch aber das ist mir viel zu fummelig - da krieg ich nen Koller ;D

  7. Thank you :)
    I can't wait to get it touched up at the end of April so I can show it properly