Friday, March 23

Warning: Contains Mix

Not only is the wasabi mix at work a little bit dear, it also contains "mix". Cracks me up without fail.

This ladybug hitched a lift on my handlebar all the way to the country park at lunch so I figured he should at least be the star of a quick snap.

Now, I feel a tad meh about the colour combination but I am really pleased with this triangle-double dot look. I'll definitely give that a go in some different shades.

When, on a whim, I glued an old die to a ring base I wondered if I'd ever really wear it. After finally taking it for a spin I'll be watching out for different coloured & sized dice so I can wear a whole casino on my fingers :D Have you read The Dice Man? I don't believe in fate, but chance is a beauty.

Happy weekend!

beret: accessorize
dress: h&m
sweater: present
brogues: office
all been in my wardrobe for years

die ring: DIY
wolf ring & green bangle: etsy
wooden bracelet & square bracelet: market


  1. I'd be more worried if it didn't contain mix :O

  2. I love the die on the ring.  I came across an old mah jong tile today in an antique store and considered its possibilities as a ring.

  3. Darling EweMarch 24, 2012

    I love your photos and your colorful clothes!  I wish I were as brave as you.  I all too often stick to neutrals.  Little by little I'm collecting more colorful pieces, so maybe it will happen sooner rather than later!


  4. That sounds like it might have great ring potential :)