Tuesday, March 20


Here's what I wore last Thursday. Yes. Purple skirtage for two consecutive days. Slob is my secret middle name. ;)

The push bike I'd been using since last summer was more expensively broken than I realized, so I got old Dusty fixed instead (my sit-up-and-beg had been languishing in the back garden with a back tire so far out of alignment it wouldn't turn). I am smiling my head off pedalling away sitting upright and having a basket to store my bag in once again. And let's face it, Dusty is so much more photogenic than my purple ride ;D Can't wait to show it off on the blog again.

I've not been particularly active over the weekend, but I did work on some bits for my doll house and found out a little more about it's origin too, so I'll tell you more about that as soon as my miniature make over is complete.
Typical, I haven't uttered a word about my mini abode for MONTHS and now I can't shut up about it :D

My new tattoo is finally healed (as near as dammit) so I am going to make an appointment to get it touched up and hopefully I can show it to you properly soon (after all you've only seen a faint outline under my tights so far). It's taken quite a while to heal but it is a bit larger than my first one so I knew it would take it's time :)

Have a most awesome day you all!

hat & jacket: present
dress: all-mighty
brooch: etsy
ring: DIY
cardi: primark
skirt: next via eBay (dyed)
saddle shoes: bass


  1. I love both outfits with this purple skirt, you're a creative and adorable dresser. I'm also super interested in this little doll house of yours. The lamp looks great!

  2. ZaneZaniiteMarch 20, 2012

    perfect look and beautiful details, love the photos as well 

  3. Love this outfit. The colors are just great on you. And that hat is totally awesome.

  4. That skirt is so cute, I'd totally wear it every day in a row. I love your hat, and everything else about this outfit.