Wednesday, March 7

They sicken of the calm, who know the storm

Well, this dress has been hidden in my wardrobe for a while. To be honest, it's still a little cool for it. See, it's made from a heavy linen and the North wind blows right through those natural fibres. Perfect for summer obviously, but a bit of a gamble on March 5th.

Even while I am gritting my teeth against the cold I wouldn't disagree: I love stormy weather.
I could listen for ages, to the growing rustling, russsssssshing, groaning, whisssstling, HOWLING!
Then silence. Until the build up starts all over.
I get all giddy following the rhythm.

.. it got a LOT more blustery than that looks, but hey: The wind was on my back all the way home. Pedalling optional ;)

beret: eBay
sweater & blue ring & most bangles: present
camera & wolf ring: the dainty squid & mrd74
bow brooch: ark cambridge
mittens: primark
dress & jacket: knitted dove & tulle via modcloth
brogues: office

Title quote by Dorothy Parker


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldMarch 07, 2012

    Love that dress! Glad it is out to play again. :)

  2. just gorgeous. yum  yum! x

  3. such a pretty dress.  I miss good storms. When I lived in Texas we would get the best storms filled with thunder and lighting. I just love the sound of rain. 

  4. Super cute! I think I've seen that dress on Modcloth before and always thought that the colors were so lovely. I'm REALLY digging your nails. I might have to try that. 
    Also, just wanted to let you know what you won our Chopsticks giveaway on the Hummingbird Girls blog. Send me your address so we can send them out to you. Congratulations!