Monday, March 26

Take that, reality

You know how blogging sometimes changes your mind about what you fish out of your wardrobe in the morning? I was grabbing for orange, orange, and orange for the who knows how manieth* day in a row, but then I thought: "No, it'll look boring on the blog" and went for a pastel get up instead.

Now, on any other day I bet I would have loved it, but I was busy missing mega orange overload and kept feeling like a washed out, indistinct blob. Oh, first world blogger problems.

As a little pick me up I decided to stick it to reality and photoshopped the big chip in the nail polish on my middle finger into oblivion. Do you see now, reality? Do you see what happens when I feel sorry for my lack of citrus?!

*Forgive me grammar lovers, I am a word maker upper and gross grammar disregarder..

beret & denim jacket: eBay
blouse: tulle via modcloth
cardi: modcloth
brooch: vintage fair
coffee cup ring: DIY
silver ring: present
skirt: Vamos threads on etsy
bow earrings: freebee with skirt
tights: h&m
saddle shoes: bass


  1. IfigeniainthecityMarch 26, 2012

    really nice nails and rings!

  2. RoselinakamineMarch 26, 2012

    Hi!!!!! Forever beautiful!!!! I love your cardigan , blouse....


  3. Christine WallaceMarch 26, 2012

    I started following your blog recently, and every time you post outfit pics I'm drooling over your jewelry.  So cute!

  4. light0a0candleMarch 26, 2012

    Haha, I always photoshop chips out of my nails, I am a firm believer that imperfections need never make it to the internet. ;p I actually love the pastels on you! Very nice!

  5. Those nails are the BEST!!
    Also, the rings...amazing and fun!

  6. Yes I do the same thing.  I am always concerned with how outfits will look on the ole blog.  I think your pastel outfit is very pretty though :)

  7. The manicure alone is enough to make the blog interesting!

  8. Cute rings!  I always think that if I find something exciting and wonderful, there's someone out there who will think so too.