Monday, March 5

Reticent Blogger is Taciturn

Here are some pictures from a Thursday with a Spring in it's step.

Hi guys, hope you've had a good weekend too.
Mine was a lazy one, lounging around while the rain tap tap tapped on the windows.

I am still feeling pretty wordless around here. I can't even come up with 11 random things, and believe you me I've tried. Clearly the dreaded blogger lurgy-cooties has struck me down with picture only posts.
Maybe alphabet soup will cure me? ;)

Well, never mind the word count - you all have a fab week :)

hat & cardi: primark
earrings: present
coat: tulle via modcloth
birds & skirt: etsy
tights & bangle: eBay
bracelet: market stall
brogues: office


  1. oranges_and_applesMarch 05, 2012

    when you've got pictures like that, you don't need words :-)

    I love those tin birdies!

  2. Love this cozy pink cardigan, and your multi-you photos! So cool! Hope your wordless spell is cured soon! Happy monday :)
    xo Hannah

  3. I popped over after seeing your comment approving my boat name! haha! I absolutely love your style and adding yourself into photos multiple times looks so neat! You are the coolest :)