Sunday, March 11

Product review: Fake Tattoos

When I was little I'd spend ages at the local corner shop deciding which penny sweets to invest my coins on. Free rub on tattoos were a big puller when it came to choosing candy. Nothing like a bright pink piece of gum wrapped in a lick and stick.

As a teen, biro used to be my weapon of choice. I'd spend religious studies hidden behind a big pile of books, listen to The Eels on my Walkman and cover my arms, wrists and back of my hands in flowery designs.

Now I am all grown up I don't doodle on myself anymore, but I still have a soft spot for temporary tattoos. I got a couple of permanent ones too, but working in an office my choice of placement is restricted. I adore finger, knuckle and wrist tattoos, but that is just not going to happen for me.

Fake Tattoos to the rescue!
I was so excited when Ana of Fake Tattoos contacted me about a product review.
What with the cold weather just recently I have been itching to take the two pretties she sent me for a spin for quite some time :)

The tats are quick and easy to apply. Getting the placement just right is probably the trickiest part but still, it won't take you any longer than fastening a stubborn necklace.

Here's a little peek at one of my permanent tats alongside my temporary birdie (looking just as natural, no?)

In my book, temporary tats are an easy going alternative to jewellery and they can really make a splash.

See, take bangles for instance: I love the look, but the constant jangling drives me crazy. And don't even try to type with a stack of those on. The little feather on my wrist looks just as nice, without restricting my movements or getting caught here and there like 'regular' jewellery does all too often.

I happily recommend Fake Tattoos: Judging from my experience their temporary tattoos are easy to apply and look and feel surprisingly natural. I've used a few other brands of temporary tats in the past and these are the best I've come across :)

Check out some of my other favourites from Fake Tattoos:
An adorable owl design, a delicate peacock feather and a star (when I was a teen I was really tempted to have one of these tattooed on my neck and I still think it looks awesome).

Have a most awesome Sunday everybody!

hat: glasto
scarf: present
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
dress: present (eBay)
cardi: primark
brooch: etsy
temporary tattoos: c/o fake tattoos


  1. LavilleinconnueMarch 11, 2012

    Those look awesome! I definitely think fake tattoos should make a comeback, because much as I would love a tattoo I can never make up my mind about what design I'd get!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Waw, these are awesome tattoo designs! I love the owl brooch as well in your outfit, can you tell me which Etsy user you got it from?

  3. Ana Joaquina OliveiraMarch 12, 2012

    Those fake tats are lovely, I might give them try. It's a good way to experiment before getting a real one. I also love fingers and wrist tattoos (i'd love to get a dove tattoo on a finger!^^), it's such that they're only accepted in creative professions and not considered office appropriated.

  4. ooh, I like the big "cat" on your back.  And the feather is eye-catching too.  I have a son-in-law who makes his living as a tattoo artist.  One year, at Christmas, we supplied him with the fake tattoos and he happily spent the afternoon applying them our household of guests.  A memorable time.

    Are you familiar with the photography of Cindy Sherman?  Sometimes your blog makes me think of her.

  5. Hi there :)
    I got it from Decoylab

  6. That sounds brilliant :D
    I am a big fan of Sherman - of her Untitled Film Stills especially :)

  7. Love the feather tattoo! :)

  8. I love the feather tattoo--I have two words tattooed on my left wrist, and now I think I want a real feather tattoo on my right... (I work in a fairly conservative office, but I found a cuff bracelet that looks nice and manages to completely cover my wrist on days where I shouldn't show it off)