Wednesday, March 21


One reason I am always keen to take a couple of shots on my push bike is that there is no visual record what-so-ever of the two most a-mazing bikes I've ever owned. Not a single photo.

For three glorious days I was the proud owner of a 1930s Falcon ladies bike: An early 21st birthday treat from me to myself. I habitually name my bikes and this one was called Ickle. As in Bic-ickle.

Some mean bastard who I assume owned both a van and a set of bolt cutters thieved it. I was inconsolable and cried my head off while running up and down the street hoping to find the bike I'd locked to a wall not three minutes before. In Cambridge it really doesn’t matter how careful you are with your bike, sooner or later someone is going to have it. Mind you, that’s the extent of crime in this peaceful university town.

So on the final days of my twenty first year I was a grudging pedestrian.

At the time I lived in the front room of a shared house so the postman's knock often woke me. When, on the morning of my birthday, I opened the front door I found a group of friends the other side of the threshold instead. And they were wheeling along a bike. It had a full chain guard, patterned, white handle grips and the most ornate rear rack you ever saw. That was one amazing birthday. I rode that bike, named Ribbid for a squeaking noise it made, every day for years. Didn't take any photos of it though. And that when I was studying photography at the time!

This bike is a lot younger than Ickle and Ribbid were. It's a 1980s Raleigh Caprice.

Just before it broke down and was renegaded to the back garden last year I'd planned to fix up the nasty wire basket (not only is it ugly but also pretty useless: The wire grid is so large most things fall through). Now Dusty is back on the road I am once again making plans for a basket DIY. Right now I am favouring a generous helping of duct tape..

And on a different note: Isn't it freaky how mahusive I look on a bike? They always end up looking like toys. Just call me the friendly giant. :)

beret: eBay
earrings: etsy (altered - used to be hair pins)
dress & brooches: etsy
cardi: asda (years ago)
jacket: topshop (years ago)
belt: h&m (couple of years ago)
mint tights: welovecolors
saddle shoes: bass


  1. fashionforgiantsMarch 21, 2012

    I look like a giant on my bike too.  Well, I am a giant, but on my bike, it's totally noticeable.

    I can't wait for the basket DIY.  I use a removable basket right now; it's brilliant because it's removable, but I wish it were a bit bigger.

  2. I love the pin.  Mahusive?  Not a word I know.  :)

    Would that I had a circle of friends who would replace my wheels.

  3. oranges_and_applesMarch 21, 2012

    Mahusive is a new word for me! you have a very stylish bike, mine is just a crappy mountain bike.

  4. Laura WhitmanMarch 21, 2012

    Ugh, I'm sorry bout the meanie who stole your bike. Uncool.

    I love your dress though, so cute! 

  5. LazyexplorersMarch 21, 2012

    That sucks so bad that someone stole your bike. I would be very upset too.
    I LOVE those saddle shoes, I have been wanting a pair from Bass!

  6. I would definitely cry if anyone stole my bike.  I have a beautiful shore-rider but it's not vintage like yours.  I love the brooches you're wearing.  They add such beautiful detail.


  7. melissa whiteMarch 22, 2012

    I think you match the bike perfectly.  Bike theft seems to be popular everywhere.  :P

  8. Lovely outfit! I am a new reader and absolutely adore your blog!

    I've never really owned a good bike...I'm meaning to change that this year. I want something pretty with a basket. Your bike is darling, and you don't look like a giant at all! :)

  9. Thanks :) Thankfully that was a long time ago. Recently I've been quite lucky *knock on wood*

  10. I love that horse pin!

  11. Ich find das Fahrrad ja einfach nur genial. Und der Print von Deinem Kleid gefällt mir auch total gut. Hatte mir auf dem Stoffmarkt auch so Rosenprint-Stoff gekauft.



  12. Beautiful photos and outfit. I love the way you wear so much colour!

  13. hi there! Amazing pictures and lovely style. I have the same bike as you (I was so lucjky to find one in the tip) but need a basket for it. Yours looks amazing, and I wonder where you found it or how you made it? I would appreciate it so much if you could get back to me as I really can't afford the rare original Caprice baskets which are so steeply priced.

  14. Hi there :)

    The basket in the pictures was just a regular wire basket (the plain kind without a quick release). It was fastened with plastic tie straps. Unfortunately it rusted through in the end (my bike was stored outside at the time) but I was lucky enough to get a hold of a caprice basket in the end. I'd called one second hand bike place up and asked if they ever got caprice baskets in and they laughed at me, but another place had one collecting dust in a corner :) So you don't necessarily have to pay top dollar for them if you keep a look out.

    Before I found the caprice basket somebody suggested I could saw off the original caprice basket fastening, which would then allow for a regular quick release basket to be fitted.

    Hope you find a good one soon!