Monday, March 12

I only met Mad Sweeney twice, alive

This dress is giving me a hankering for a pair of mint green tights. I quite like the green on green but something tells me pastel mint would really pop. :)

In any case there is enough green here to tick all the boxes for the St. Patrick's Day frenzy over at EBEW :) That's two challenges in a row I handed in on time. Re-sult!

beret: eBay
bangle & brooch: etsy
scarf: present
dress: tara starlet (altered)
cardi: primark

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Post title from American Gods by Neil Gaiman:
"I only met Mad Sweeney twice, alive," he said. "The first time I thought he was a world-class jerk with the devil in him. The second time I thought he was a major fuckup and I gave him the money to kill himself. He showed me a coin trick I don't remember how to do, gave me some bruises, and claimed he was a leprechaun. Rest in peace, Mad Sweeney."
Can't wait for the TV series and book number two :)

Green: Everybody, Everywear


  1. I quite like the green tights. They give the outfit more of a woodsy feel. PS how awesome is Neil Gaiman?!  Do you ever read his blog? 

  2. A number of EBEW bloggers have combined the dark green color with light pink and I have to say I love the look. This sweater looks so comfortable and warm. - Katy

  3. I think this may be one of my favouritest ever- the vibrant greenery with your sweet printed dress and pink details is gorgeous!

  4. i love pink and green, so pretty together. And im seriously swooning over the owl brooch... so lovely!!

  5. How old are those office shoes? Can't seem to find them online!

  6. I got them last autumn. I can't see the flats on their webpage any longer either, but they do the same style and colour with a little lift here

  7. I think I got them year before last, sorry :(

  8. American Gods TV series AND sequel?!  No way!

  9. Leney BreedenMarch 18, 2012

    Love that owl brooch:)
    Your style is too cute!

  10. Yes way ;) He's been talking about a sequal for a long while but it sounds like he is working on it now, to time it with the series

  11. Ah, Love your dress and scarf. Very stylish, eh. :)

    Cathy@Valentino Couture Spring 2012