Thursday, March 8


Inspired by Elycia's 11 meme posts I figured I'd jump on the vlog bandwagon and actually tell you eleven random things about myself.

Here goes:

*I know his hat is blue really.. in my defence I recorded this at 7 AM.

I figured following the rules and answering some questions in addition of gracing you with eleven random facts about yours truly would have been toooooo much.
But I am game for making another vid, so shout if there is anything at all you'd like to know :)

There are seven more random facts about me here and six little things that make me happy over here and three more bits this way.


  1. i like your accent. it reminds me of bjork's. which is good.

  2. Matilda JoyceMarch 09, 2012

    I only heard a British english accent (which is an accent to an American).  I liked the German song.  I have NO idea who Noddy is!  That was cute.  

  3. i'm kind of in love with your accent. i couldn't place a finger on what i thought it sounded like at all.
    also, i also have a gum addiction. do you get extra's dessert gums? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST. 

  4. I hadn't come across them but I'll definitely watch out for those - strawberry shortcake and mint choc chip ice cream flavour sound fantastic :D

  5. I enjoyed your video--especially the juggling.  It is mesmerizing to watch.

  6. I just watched this now as eight minutes without noisy kid interruptions are hard to come by around here... You are indeed adorable, and I loved the contact juggling demo!

  7. :-))))) ... bei Nr. 5 bin ich schier vom Stuhl gekippt vor Lachen.

    Liebe Grüße