Sunday, March 18

Drizzle and cushions

I wore this Saturday before last but as soon as I didn't get to take photos today I thought I'd at least show you my current nail do :) Nail do. Is that a word?

It's been one drizzly Saturday.

Instead of running the errands I'd compiled such a neat list of over the course of the week,
I lodged myself firmly in the sofa and commenced to produce a series of less and less misshapen excuses for doll house cushions, munched blueberry cupcakes and watched The Mystery of Edwin Drood (with an over emphatic lady signing her heart out in the corner) and Doctor Who reruns.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend too :)

beret & boots: eBay
scarf: present
sweater: asda
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
dress: tara starlet


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldMarch 18, 2012

    Super relaxing! Only a 7:30am start tomorrow looming over me now...

    Love the nail do :)

  2. Das Nageldesign ist ja wieder klasse. Und der zarte Rock zu dem grellen Orange gefällt mir auch gut.

    Hab da mal ne Frage:
    Du machst Deine Slideshows auch auf photobucket?

    Bin grad so am rumspielen mit vier Fotos, aber
    1.) wie bekomme ich die Bilderfolge schneller ... wie in Bewegung (wie bei Deiner "Fledermaus")
    2.) und wie bekommt man das pb-Logo raus.

    Liebe Grüße


  3. I love that color orange. And seriously, your nail do's (haha) are always AMAZING! Do you think of the patterns yourself or get them offline?

  4. Powkoorganic/powkomomdiariesMarch 18, 2012

    Lol, sing language interpreter?! That is such a funny description!!!


  5. Danke :)

    Ich mach die Animationen in photoshop. Leider kann man bei den online gratis animated gif makers meistens die "framerate" nicht aendern und das logo ist auch nicht wegzubringen. Tut mir leid das ich nicht helfen kann

  6. oranges_and_applesMarch 18, 2012

    oh orange and pink, that's a great combo! I wonder if I can rustle something up along those lines in my limited Brussels wardrobe!

  7.  Okey ... photoshop is nu eh meine nächst Anschaffung. :-)

    Dank Dir trotzdem.

  8. I usually do variations/combinations of Kaylah's tuts (triangles, zig zag and dots). Can't find the stripe tut I use right now, it might be Elycia's :)

  9. ZaneZaniiteMarch 18, 2012

    you look wonderful, love the colors 

  10. Your nail dos are growing increasingly accomplished.  I love the touches of orange in your look.

  11. I only came across your blog yesterday, and I have to say that I love your style! You are so cute & colourful!

  12. mm, I love orange and pink!

  13. Nty n J ShanaMarch 20, 2012

    Love ur nails