Wednesday, March 14

Die Fledermaus

Here is to my first rain cape since primary school ;)
The level of brightness might just trigger seizures but on grey days that's just what I need. Brightness, not seizures.. Like I really needed to clarify that 8)

I guess you can tell I am pleased with my purchase by the way I am flapping my wings ;) Also, it rained the day right after I bought this. How's that for timing?

I think you've seen this polish before (unless I am posting out of sequence again.. in which case you'll see more of it yet :D) I just couldn't resist another quick snap before it gets the acetone treatment.

I've gotten myself all excited about that doll house of mine. After making the March header I decided to turn the bathroom into a bedroom, and because the tiles are stuck fast to the wall I get to choose a new wallpaper first. After this post over at Kaylah's I think I'll cover the place in paint by numbers imagery :) and then I have to find a toy buck to behead of course. Also I get to stalk eBay for some plastic fantastic kleeware furniture. This is what we call excitement here at Diversions ;D

Happy hump day!

beret & brooch: somewhere on the highstreet donkey's years back
waterproof: primark
coat: tulle via modcloth
denim jacket: eBay
brooch: etsy
bow ring: accessorize
scarf: present
dress: present (eBay)
tights: h&m (they got LOTS of colours in at the moment!)
brogues: office


  1. your rain cape is pretty awesome but I cant get over how cute your dress is.

     Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  2. Thank you sooo much for your comment.

    I follow your blog since a few weeks and love your outfits and your postings.

    Ich finde es klasse hier und da einmal ein deutsches Wort zu lesen. Sprichst Du flie├čend Deutsch? Warst Du schonmal in Deutschland?


    Steffi from the naehfiddeley

  3. I only came across your blog today, highlight of the day actually :D

    Ich bin aus Salzburg aber wohne schon seit zehn Jahren in England - da braucht es hin und wieder schon ein paar Tage bis ich nicht mehr dauernd nach den Worten suchen muss. Ich sprech da meistens so ein verqueres Englisch-Deutsch kaudawelsch :D Aber in der Arbeit sprech ich viel mit Deutschen Kollegen - das hilft das es mir nicht wie dem Arnie geht.. dem geht ja auch schon die Muttersprache verloren ;)

  4. I am in awe of your pictures! Really lovely and edited beautifully (I keep staring at the ones with two of you and wonder how you could make them so well) :)

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  5. Thank you :)
    If you're interested in my clones, I did a little how to here

  6. OOO, I am in love with your outfit, especially the scarf.

    Good to know that H&M has a lot of colored tights right now; may have to check that out when I am home for Easter break.


  7. You, madam, are adorable!!

    Xoxo, Sarah

  8. i stopped over from elycia's blog.  you are so stylish!  i love your dress and the rain cape!  xo

  9. you are so stinkin' cute! i need a new raincoat...was actually searching etsy yesterday...but none were as cute as this one!! love your nails as well.

    came here from elycia's blog! following you now :)

  10. What a pretty outfit! I love the colors you used. I'm kind of in love with your rain cape too. The umbrella print is adorable. And your nails are so fun too!

  11. that rain cape is SO FUN. i totally love it.  and i really want your bow ring :)