Sunday, March 11

Cat eyes

Recently I treated myself to a new lamp for the doll house (on top of the TV) - I just need to get a battery and then I can light up my little abode for the first time in.. decades.

The little house lives on our desk, right behind my computer. I've taken to storing jewellery in there (I often take jewellery off while sitting at my computer and am too lazy to tidy away my various rings and bangles properly). What with the cold, dark days of winter I haven't added anything to my doll house in ages.. apart from jewellery.

Today I finally gave the tiny home a spring clean (no such tidy for the big one). Next up some wall decorations.. I've been wanting to make a tiny hunting trophy for ages. Bring on the antlers!

Until then, feast your eyes on my new cat eye sunnies and dusty old Diana camera :)


  1. I have to
    Know where those sunglasses are from!

  2. Primark - I only got them recently so they should still be around :)