Friday, March 9

A Special Breed

There is a country park not far from where I work. Right now some areas that are too overgrown to explore in the summer make for a perfect lunch time playground. I guess this is one reason why I haven't tired of style blogging: It gives me incentive to go scampering through the woods on a regular basis.

I grew up in alpine foothills, surrounded by dairy farms and woodland. The sound of saw mills take me right back :) I played in stables, attics and most memorably: The woods. A friend and I would walk for miles, build club houses and occasionally scare each other silly about rabies infested fox attacks (always imminent). Another friend, a first class fibber he was, told horrible tales of escaped lions and tigers roaming the local forests and along the way pointed out what he easily convinced me were claw marks left by the very same.

Visiting family in a high lying valley in Tyrol my aunt would take my cousine and me mushroom picking. We'd marvel at bones in owl pellets, watch rabbits and deer in the distance and snack on blueberries and raspberries along the way.

Seriously guys, woodlands are magic.

Anyway, when I took these today I rather confused a walker who thought I was photographing wild life. I wear a crooked smile whenever I explain that I am taking multiple photos of myself to paste together and publish on a blog detailing my daily wears. It just does sound odd, however you phrase it.

We're a special breed you guys, though I personally think daily meal bloggers are our equals in that department. ;)

Here is to my favourite two days of the week coming right up! Have a good one you guys!

beret & fairy pink tights: eBay
button earrings: etsy
bow brooch: ark cambridge
coat: tesco
scarf: present
cardi: primark
dress: Bettie Page via modcloth (altered)
brogues: office


  1. Crystal LeeMarch 09, 2012

    What lovely childhood memories! I would have very much liked to grow up where you did. love the pink tones on you, fair lady.

  2. Abigayel BryceMarch 09, 2012

    Really enjoyed your woodland-nostalgia : ) Its so true: they are magical! I love your nails... if only I had the skills to do that. 
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I love onlookers and their comments of interest! This is a great location! You look lovely WITH the nature!

  4. Rebecca KummerfeldMarch 10, 2012

    Woah seriously sounds magical!! We kind of just get scrubby bush lands - I can't imagine exploring through forests and woodlands like that! On to the 'to-do' list for sure!

  5. i love how you always compile multiple images of yourself into one so flawlessly!
    excellent use of color. the woodlands are the best. and i'm envious of your nail art.