Wednesday, February 29


I got some more toy pins :) The cowboy and the photographer are my favourites. SMILE.

So I guess this concludes unofficial scarf week :) And economical writing week.

Happy Leap Day :)

beret: eBay
coat: tesco
scarf: present
mittens: primark
pins & dress: unicorn kids and Nest Egg Vintage on etsy
tights: welovecolors
brogues: office


  1. fashionforgiantsMarch 01, 2012

    Those pins are fabulous.  And I love this color combination.  I think I might need to try pastels with pastels.  Maybe if spring ever comes (I'm skeptical).

  2. Hi stef

    I love the heir clothes and their combinations with the colors, always beautiful, those pins are fabulous.

    kisses rose jp