Monday, February 6


Cambridge is quite the winter wonderland right now. Cars skid along the streets and motors rev impotently as wheels turn on the spot. Snowmen (some anatomically correct of course) hold court in front gardens along every street and strangers have a natter about the weather as they shuffle-slide-shuffle along the pavement.

Ten centimetres is more than enough snow to make the severe weather headlines in England and bring out that particular brand of jovial neighbourliness only minor catastrophes seem to inspire :)

I really wanted to take some photos out in the snow but my new tattoo is still making like major sunburn so I am a bit stiff legged and happiest in warm places where there is no need for tights. So instead here is something I wore back in November :)

Seeing all these old photos sporting previous hair cuts makes me even more glad I finally found a do that suits me. My hair has always been a pet hate of mine so I am pleased to bury that old hatchet.

Have a great start to the week you all!

beret & denim jacket: eBay
dress: h&m
top: etsy
belt: from another dress
tights & scarf: primark
brogues: office


  1. hi stef , 
    I love this beautiful shirt color,,,, I loved her skirtand beret .. nice strip where your photos.
       kisses rose jp

  2.  very cute blouse, love the color. Hope your tat heals up quickly!

  3. I love the colors you use!!

  4. This is super sweet. It truly is amazing how mini-natural catastrophe's can bring us all together isn't it? I think everyone can easily forgive you for taking shelter from the snow with your new tattoo and posting a photo from November. It's the small touches to this outfit that really make it something special for me. Your shoes are something I want for myself and that pin is too sweet and perfect for it.