Friday, February 10

Procrastination workshop postponed

This is one of the final few trips in my outfit time machine. I wore this at the end of October last year.

Lucky me, the days are almost long enough for outfit shots before or after work now. March 25th, when British clocks go forward, is circled with a great big smiley face in my calendar.

What with the freezing temperatures I've been reading a little, watched District 13 (awesome!) and am slowly but surely getting through the dreaded sewing pile.

Considering just how loooong I let various bits of hemming, button replacements and seam repairs accumulate before I tackle them, you'd think I hated these tasks. I really don't, but until I have started I always think I do. Once I get going I really do enjoy myself but the prospect always appears daunting and inspires record breaking stretches of procrastination.

I'll have to call the Guinness Book of Records guys about that.. some day.

Happy weekend!

cardi & kerchief: primark
brooch: ark cambridge
bangle: vintage fair
dress: camden market
fleece tights & satchel: eBay
brogues: office


  1. hi stef, I loved your dress and the pattern, simply beautiful, and coat, handbag and shoes ... all your clothing is very beautiful  kisses rose jp

  2. you paired all these blues together so well.  I am the same way with sewing projects.  I had a button for my coat in my coat pocket  for at least a month now and still havent sewn it back on...and I wear the coat everyday.

  3. Love the pose in the third photo!  Now, get to mending...