Tuesday, February 14

On time

I got up early last Wednesday to catch photos at dawn but the sun never rose to the occasion. Didn't all day. Luckily, on the weekend I got a chance to take some more photos in the sunshine.. so here is what I wore last Wednesday, and for a little piece of Saturday ;)

When I set eyes on this skirt at Waterlooplein market during a holiday in Amsterdam I instantly fell for the bold print and rich red colour. I was so loved up in fact that I barely registered the fact that it was so tight it cut my intestines in half and made me look distinctly sausage. Oh no, I sucked in my stomach, held my breath, took one look in the mirror and insisted to myself: This is a perfect fit.

Eversince my Mary-in-law gave me her sewing machine last year I've been edging my way towards replacing the torturous waist with an elasticated one. After a number of failed attempts (huh, you're meant to stretch the elastic before you sew it in.. DOH!) followed by hours of zen seam-ripping, I finally succeeded.

I know this is a five minute job for many of you but to me it is a momentous achievement that makes me bristle with pride :)

I keep remembering Everybody, Everywear challenged a day too late (uhm, my dog ate my outfit?) but not this time. Here is to pink and red. Forbidden* combinations are the best :)

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

*Seriously, just how boring are "fashion rules"?!

Click the image below for another pink and red outfit:

hat: tesco
ear & fingerring: buttons (DIY)
fingerless gloves: present (handmade by my Mom)
coat: present
(I've had it for over ten years but I rarely get to wear it because it just doesn't get quite cold enough around here :) )
crochet blouse: etsy
skirt: waterlooplein market (altered)
tights: welovecolors
boots: sheplers (corral)


  1. pink and red is the best!  Congrats on your sewing job.  You did a great job.  You should be very proud ( I cant even sew my coat button back on).

  2. Lovely!Your pink is soft and sweet.

  3. beautiful stef
    kisses rose jp

  4. Cute photo shoot. You guys look like you are right out of a magazine.

  5. I'd be way proud too if I could modify the waist of a skirt! It looks fabulous and that print was totally worth the effort! You always have the most adorable tops, too!

  6. EmilyhavibakerFebruary 16, 2012

    i always love it when you wear red and pink. such a great color combo for your skin tone.